gary payton cookies


gary payton cookies. Gary “The Glove” Payton is a legendary figure in Seattle. His historic run with the Seattle SuperSonics happened long before my NBA watching days, but the stories, stats, flair, and swag speak for themselves. Cookies’ Gary Payton strain has all of the razzle-dazzle of the Glove Man’s highlight reel.This strain came to be through the collaborative effort of Powerzzzup and Cookies and is a cross between The Y and Snowman. Its namesake comes from number 20. During the phenohunt, it was number 20 that was the number one overall draft pick in the phenotype draft. Gary Payton wore number 20, the strain practically named itself.This strain’s measurables explode out of the jar. Dense flowers with a multitude of colors like green shades, purple splotches, and orange accents. The buds reek like a classic musky kush and cover your pallet with earthy and peppery flavors.

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