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Different strains of cannabis are grown with the idea of creating experiences and producing different tastes that cater to an individual’s varied needs. Whether you need cannabis for recreational use or to treat some particular ailments, Sticky Farms will provide you with a vast selection. Take a look at the types of strains that we grow on our farm:

  • Frost boss – 50/50 hybrid
  • Rude Boi – indica dom. hybrid
  • Metalhead – Hybrid
  • Duct Tape – Hybrid
  • Lemon Berry – Hybrid
  • Sticky Bitch – Heavy Indica
Purple punch cannabis

Get to Know the Details of Our Cannabis Strains

Frost boss – 50/50 hybrid (evenly balanced hybrid)

  • Small but bulky frostily resinous buds
  • Lots of terpene character
  • Delicious flavor of earthy soil and sweet lemon
  • Ideal for the day and evening usage
  • Type of high:
    • Powerfully relaxing without the effects of sleepiness
    • Potent yet mellow (no complete reduction in body energy levels)

Rude Boi OG cannabis strain (60/40 indica)

  • Nugs look like tiny grapes with Sedona clay tinted hairs and generous amber trichomes
  • Piquant and savory smell that resembles black coffee with notes of spicy lemon
  • Pine and mint tastes are complemented by earthy nutty tones
  • Used to treat anxiety, stress, depression, fatigue, insomnia, and appetite loss
  • Best for evening usage
  • Type of high:
    • Very regenerative with gentle, inspirational euphoria
    • Warm body high that has a sedative effect
    • Lethargic feeling but the body will be functional

Slymer – sativa dom. hybrid

  • Made by combining genetics of different cannabis strains
  • Contains a terpene profile that’s high in terpinolene, caryophyllene, beta-pinene, and limonene
  • Covered in a light layer of trichomes that makes the flower look like frosted light green buds
  • Delicious sweet and tart scent that’s citrus-like (similar to lime)

Tropic Fusion – indica

  • New strain
  • Heavy trichome coating on its bulky purple buds
  • Type of high:
    • Calming and relaxing effect

White Tahoe Cookies – indica

  • Rounded nugs with lovely purple drifts covered by a cloak of trichomes
  • Smell of grass and earth with notes of nuts and citrus fruits
  • Sweetened taste because of fruity flavors
  • Spicy exhale
  • Used to treat insomnia, inflammation, chronic pain, appetite loss, and nausea
  • Ideal for evening usage
  • Type of high:
    • Immediate high that propels creativity
    • Causes giggling and a tingling sensation in the body
    • Relaxing effect that can be followed by distraction and sleep

Sticky Bitch (Coming soon)

  • Created by Gary Reynolds
  • Grown by Sticky Farms
  • THC content greater than 30%

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