high joint dubai

high joint dubai

Where to buy marijuana in Dubai:

 Go downtown to the red light district area of Diera in Naif and Baraha and neighboring areas were prostitutes are abundant there is a small

handful of dealers nearly all are African, they will not say or whisper anything as you pass by so what you need to do is ask them very

discreetly if they fit the category, though generally I don’t recommend you do this as still its rare you will find one and the area is filled with

plain clothes cops and you may get reported to the police if you ask the wrong person.

You can Hookup at trendy nightclubs through asking people you get to know for a hook up, the chances of getting a hookup are still

marginal but worth a try if you get to know any of the people that live here as usually clubs are packed with tourists who won’t be able to

hook you up.

marijuana in Dubai

Your best bet is to get a hook up from college students who fit the category of the average pothead, yet you will have to repay them for the

hookup by sharing a joint wit h them, not doing so is considered extremely impolite, and those college kids have very loose lips and well

openly tell their friends they got stoned with you. It’s not really acceptable to ask around and really your chances are slim at best.

Homegrown isn’t shared and most of the stoners bring their own from abroad. Really the best option is to get a hook up in neighboring Oman

its a very short drive and will be easy to get a hookup if u manage to make friends their.

another reporter added: ” It is nearly impossble to get in Duabi unless you have a friend who will bring some from Pakistan or somewhere. Some people also drive to Muscat, Oman and bring it back. But not often.”

Dubai marijuana prices: 

The price varies greatly but generally you can expect 500AED to 1000AED for 1 tola (10 grams). Try to bargain it down to 500AED it’s the usual price yet people always overcharge you. Be careful you don’t get ripped off, it’s very easy to end up with a lump of chicken stock or coal instead of mj. For more than 10 grams prices vary greatly.

another reporter added: “Rediculous. 50$ a gram for some schwag if you can find it.”

Brands: Usually African weed with very mild potency, Good mellow Iranian hash, Kashmiri Charas from Pakistan (exactly like Kashmiri Charas from India yet most often than not will contain henna which burns your throat. Afghan Second press the best thing you can smoke here, and is super potent and very smooth, its some of the best hash in the world. Occasionally and very rarely there is skunk though don’t bother trying to get some, if it doesn’t find you which it won’t , then you’re definitely not going to find it.


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